Bushmaster - Piano Key Bushing Tool

Bushmaster - Piano Key Bushing Tool

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The Bushmaster is arguably the most unique and functional tool for bushing keys in the industry today. The Bushmaster allows the technician to install new key bushings professionally with complete accuracy and efficiency.

The function of the Bushmaster is two-fold. First, it "pushes" the cloth to the exact depth, and secondly with a simple push of the knob, cuts the felt with surgical precision. This guarantees that the length of the cloth in the mortise will be exactly the same for every single key. The guesswork usually involved with this procedure is virtually eliminated. Along with accuracy, the Bushmaster will greatly speed up the task of bushing making the process more profitable for the technician.


  • Machined in solid brass and aluminum.
  • Light duty spring for extremely fast plunging.
  • Easy blade replacement.
  • Disassembles quickly for fast clean up.
  • Easy blade replacement.

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