Piano Moving Roll or Kari Dual Trucks Dolly Dollies

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READY TO GO!  READY TO DO A JOB!  When you buy a Roll-or-Kari you get a full set of two dollies and four web straps...ready to go...ready to do a job.  Rubber and felt cushioning afford complete protection at vital spots against marring of fine finishes.  Adjustable straps lock around product securely.  Retractable wheels allow instruments to rest on own weight while in transport to avoid skidding or rolling.  These features are unique with swivel wheels at both ends, with four 7' web straps included.  1,000 lb capacity.

Simple to operate - place one truck at each end of load, fasten straps, and press foot lever at each end to raise load for moving.  Handles fold out of the way when not in use.   

Two styles available:

23 x 4 bass for organs and pianos. Height 32", Width 23"

28 x 4 bass for Hammond B-3 organ. Height 32", Width 23"






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