5/8" Solid Brass Piano Desk Knobs with Wood or Machine Screws

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These solid brass piano knobs are designed specifically for the fallboard, desk, or key cover for pianos, but can be used on furniture as well. 
  • Set of 2 solid brass piano desk knobs
  • Includes your choice of wood or machine screws
  • 5/8" diameter
  • 5/8" height
Machine screws are silver in color and screw in from behind the fallboard. Thread the screw from back to front of the fallboard and attach the knob to the front of your piano. Using a screwdriver, tighten the screw into the knob. 
Wood screws only screw halfway into the wood of your fallboard for a seamless look. Just insert the screw into the hole on the fallboard and twist the knob to tighten.


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