Piano Repair

Replacing Spinet Drop Action Elbows

Are you unable to play certain notes on your older spinet? Does the key stay depressed? Chances are the elbow in the drop action mechanism is broken, misaligned, or needs maintenance. Fortunately, the process of replacing the elbows is fairly painless. Spinets were created to be compact with a sleek design, so they have an unusual action mechanism. The drop or indirect-blow action actually sits below the key, not directly behind or above, as it does with consoles, uprights, and grand pianos. In order to reach the strings behind the keys, the mechanism uses small wood or plastic inserts called elbows that facilitate...

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Tuning Your Own Piano

Tuning your own piano requires a good ear, a few specialty tools, and plenty of patience. With the right materials, you can give your piano a touch up between professional tunings or adjust a few notes that have gone sour.

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