Cory Tech Detailing Kit

Cory Piano Tech Detailing Kit

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The Cory Piano Tech Detailing Kit is comprised of 7 pieces - a 4 ounce bottle of Cory High Gloss Polish, Cory Satin Sheen Polish, Cory All-Brite Wood Conditioning Polish, Cory Coconut Wood Cleaner and Cory Key-Brite. It also includes both the Cory microfiber cleaning and polishing cloths. A great kit for detailing the inside and outside of both high gloss and satin finish pianos. The Key-Brite will clean the piano keys; Cory All-Brite is perfect for lacquered wood finishes, and helps preserve and polish the wood surfaces, while protecting against drying and cracking. Coconut Wood Cleaner deep cleans grime and wax-build up from wood surfaces and is used as a pre-cleaner before applying the Satin Sheen or High Gloss polish.

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