Levitan Utility Piano Tuning Lever

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Since the introduction of the Levitan Classic Tuning Lever a few years ago, it has become a favorite among technicians, and is appreciated for how it combines unusually high performance with unusually low cost.
Meet the Levitan Utility Tuning Lever which makes the same intelligent use of high quality but inexpensive materials and fabrication processes as the Classic. Like the Classic, it features a tubular steel shank and welded joints, and is reinforced at the point of greatest stress (where the shank meets the head). As a result, the Utility has the same intimate, responsive feel.
Unlike the Classic, however, the Utility is intended to be an auxiliary tuning hammer. It's a utility infielder, not a designated hitter, excelling at many positions in a technicians' tool kit. This makes it the ideal companion lever for the Levitan Professional.
The Utility takes up little space and weight in a tool kit. It's only 9-1/2 inches long, and at 6.5 oz. it's the lightest tuning hammer on the market. It has been extensively field-tested to make sure it fits onto any tuning pin, in any piano. It shines in the small confines afforded by the large overhanging lids of many American verticals from the mid-1900's, and practically jumps from pin to pin during pitch adjustments! It out-performs most other tuning hammers in such common non-tuning tasks as string repairs, turning balance rail glides, and tapping bridge pins, jacks, or other small parts.
The handsome black oxide finish and black delrin handle of the Utility perfectly complement the look of the Levitan Professional Lever, and also make it the perfect choice for an auxiliary or emergency tool kit, or for the pianist who desires an inexpensive but attractive tuning hammer for touching up unisons at home or on the road.
Overall length is 9-1/2 inches. Head angle is a comfortable 7-1/2 degrees. Comes complete with a removeable Watanabe #2 star tip.

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