Professional Piano Tuning Kit with Hammer/Lever, Temperament and Mutes

Professional Piano Tuning Kit with Hammer/Lever, Temperament and Mutes

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The piano tuning kit is ideal for an apprentice, or for musicians and technicians wanting to touch-up a piano.

These tuning tools are manufactured in the USA. They are high quality, rugged and durable piano tuning products. Don't make the mistake of buying cheap imported junk--they are known to break quickly. If you want your tools to last years and years, we recommend spending the extra few dollars to get quality materials and craftsmanship.

Piano Tuning Kit Includes:

1) Professional Tuning Hammer, #2 star tip
2) Temperament Strip: 50" long, 3/4" x 1/2"
3) 3" x 3/8" rubber mute with handle
(quantity 4)

4) 2-9/16" x 1/4" rubber mutes (quantity 2)

5) Complete Instructions included to get you tuning in no time!
Professional Piano Tuning Hammer with Wood handle:

-6" Hardwood Handle with a chrome plated stainless steel shaft; total length of 11" not including the head and tip
-Comes with an interchangeable one piece head and tip
-Standard head and tip is 2-1/2" long with a 5 degree angle and a #2 star tip.
-The #2 star tip that is included with this hammer is designed to fit tuning pins with square heads. It will fit tuning pins on virtually all pianos

Mute kit Includes:

-Temperament strip: 50" long and is tapered from 3/4" down to 1/2" wide
-3" x 3/8" rubber mutes with handles (Quantity 4)
-2-9/16" x 1/4" rubber mutes (Quantity 2)

Star Tip Note: Even though tuning pins have square ends, the star shape permits you to set the tuning hammer in the best position. You want the tuning lever to be positioned nearly vertical or inclining slightly to the right. This is not always possible with piano tuning hammers that have a square opening.

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