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Piano Tuning Kit with 15° Head Tuning Lever

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Most tuning kits and tuning levers come standard with a 5° head which makes clearance of a grand piano rim difficult if not impossible when turning the lever during tuning. Our kit features a much wider 15° head which provides much needed clearance of the handle when working with grand pianos-or even with uprights.

This piano tuning kit includes everything you need to tune pianos.

This is our standard professional kit which is of high quality and is made in the USA.

It is perfect for touch-up tunings of a few select notes and for tuning the entire piano.

Tuning Lever included: The very popular Student/Apprentice Tuning Lever which features a 6-inch long, lacquered wood handle with a smooth tapered feel and a stationary stainless steel rod. 11" overall length.

The tuning lever tip and head is a one piece head/tip combination which forms a 15° angle with the handle. The actual tip portion of the head/tip is a #2 star.

Tuning fork included: High Quality A-440 HZ steel tuning fork.

Mutes included: 4 rubber mutes with wire handles, 2 rubber wedge mutes (3" long by 3/4" wide), and 1 high quality 100% wool felt temperament strip.

Watch out for lesser quality kits packaged with tons of extra stuff you really don't need. Get exactly what you need right here with this kit!

Important Note: These are high quality and durable "Made in USA" tools that will not let you down, and that will last a lifetime when properly used/cared for. Be aware of lower quality and cheaper Chinese or German Made tools.

Comes complete with mackintosh soft case for storage and protection, as well as copy of "Piano Servicing, Tuning, & Rebuilding" by Reblitz.

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