Piano Tuning Temperament and Mute Set

Piano Tuning Temperament and Mute Set

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Piano tuning temperament and mute set.

Quality Schaff temperament strip is used to mute two octaves at once by pushing between the groups of strings with a screwdriver or flattened hammer shank.  This is the most efficient way of setting a temperament.  Made of 100% wool.

Measures 50" L x 3/4" W tapering to 1/2" W.  Standard thickness of .165"

Mutes are made of durable natural rubber; not synthetics or plastics; assures longer wear. Correctly tapered. They cost more but are well worth the difference.

Mute sizes included are:

Two 4" x 1/2" mutes

Two 3" x 3/8" mutes with handles


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