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Rosewood Piano Tuning Lever with Extended 15° Head

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Most tuning levers come standard with a short length 5° head which makes clearance of a grand piano rim difficult if not impossible when turning the lever during tuning. Our lever features a 15° head that is a full 1.75" in length which provides much needed clearance of the handle when working with grand pianos-or even with uprights. There are absolutely no finer tuning levers produced at any price. For the discriminating tuner, both amateur/hobbyists and professionals alike will appreciate this tuning hammer. Overall length is 11-1/2", which includes an 8" ROSEWOOD handle. Includes 1-3/4" length head at 15° and #2 Star Tip at 1" long. Similar tuning levers in the market provide only a 5° angle with a 1-1/4" length. Important Note: These are "Made in USA" tools, that are rugged, dependable and designed for years of reliable use. They will not let you down.

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