My Acoustic Piano Has an Electric Cord - Why?

Posted by Sarah Czarnecki on

Acoustic pianos -- as opposed to electronic or electric pianos -- are usually self-contained, but sometimes you’ll discover a power cord coming from the inside of your piano. What in the world could it be powering?

  • Modern player pianos may have electric bellows, motors, or drivers.
  • There might be a factory-installed music desk light. Some models of acoustic pianos also have decorative lighting. 
  • Your piano may have a Dampp-Chaser climate control system installed. These are meant to protect the wooden interior of your instrument.
  • Alternatively, a dehumidifier bar may have been installed.
  • DIY interior modifications may have electronic components. Be cautious with DIY additions because they may not be installed safely or may have deteriorated over time.

It can be difficult to determine what a cord may be powering, so before you plug it in, contact a piano technician to inspect it for safety.

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