Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver System - Guide to Blinking Lights

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Monitoring and maintaining your Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver System is very easy.  The LED light panel will let you know what maintenance is necessary.  This will usually mean you need to add water to the system.

Most systems have three lights - Green, Yellow and Red:

  • Green is the Power Light. This light should be on at all times. This light shows that your system is powered.
  • Yellow is the Water Light. This light is usually off. If it is blinking the system needs to have water added. The steps to add water will be listed below.
  • Red is the Pad Light. (Some systems do not have this light.). This light is usually off.  If it is blinking the system needs to have the pads replaced.

Maintenance is often done by the piano owner.  Contact us if you have questions, need assistance or need system products.


Green Dampp-Chaser Power Light 

Green Light - Be sure the system is plugged in to an outlet that is not controlled by a switch, timer or dimmer. The system is designed to work continuously and the Green Light should be on. Contact your technician if the cord is damaged or if you have problems with the system’s power.


 Blinking Dampp-Chaser Yellow Light

Blinking Yellow Light - The system needs water.
The system comes with a water can and a bottle of Pad Treatment. Only use Dampp-Chaser Pad Treatment. Other products may contain chemicals that can damage your system and void your warranty.

1.  Fill the watering can to the red line on the can - overfilling may cause a spill. Distilled or filtered water is preferred but basic tap water is fine.
2.  Add one cap full of Dampp-Chaser Pad Treatment. Add the Water Treatment to the water to avoid making bubbles and foam.
3.  Locate and remove the end of the filling tube from the clips under your piano.
4.  Attach the filling tube to the water can. Be sure to push the end of the tube over and past the bulge on the end of the spout.
5.  Hold the water can higher than the top of the water tank when pouring the water through the tube. If unsure of the tank height hold the water can higher than the level of the keys.
6.  When the watering can is empty place the water can on the floor for a moment with the hose attached. Any water in the tube will drain into the water can to avoid spilling.
7.  Detach the hose from the water can and place the hose back in the clips under the piano.  Allow a few minutes (10-15) for the water to wick through the pads and be detected by the system. The Yellow Light should switch off.  Be sure to add water when the light is blinking. Adding water too soon will likely cause an over filling of the water tank and will spill on the floor or in the piano.


     Blinking Red and Yellow Dampp-Chaser Lights

    Blinking Yellow and Red Lights - The system needs water and possibly pads.

    If both Yellow and Red Lights are blinking, first add water following the steps noted above. Both blinking lights may stop. The pads may start working again if they were very dry.  If the Yellow Light has stopped but the Red Light continues to blink the pads need to be replaced.

    Blinking Red Light - The system needs the pads to be replaced.
    If the Red Light is blinking the pads need to be replaced. This job is often done by the Piano Technician but can be done by the piano owner. Pads should be replaced once per year. The clean sleeve and tank liner should be changed periodically. Most change them annually when replacing the pads.

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    • Beth,
      I would contact your area Dampp-Chaser Technician. There is a diagnostic tool that many technicians have that can check the electrical components of your system. They can then recommend repairs and/or replacement parts for your system.

      Gary on
    • Although the green power light is still on, the water and pad lights have stopped working. How do I get these lights working again? Do I need to replace the bulbs? If so, where do I get replacement bulbs and how do I replace them?

      Beth on

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