Essential Guide to Dampp-Chaser Supplies

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Extend the life of your piano by maintaining your Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver System. Keeping the Dampp-Chaser water tank filled and regularly replacing pads and liners is essential to controlling your piano's humidity and interior climate. 

But how do you know which accessories you need for your specific Life Saver System? The brand was established in 1947 and technology has improved in the company's almost 75 years. Not to worry, we've assembled your definitive guide to Dampp-Chaser accessories.


1. Pads 

Replace pads twice a year

All Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver Systems use special pads to wick moisture to the humidity bar. This maintains the humidity level and provides outstanding internal climate control. Replace Dampp-Chaser pads every six months or when they are caked with hard water mineral deposits. Only use Dampp-Chaser brand pads.

Dampp-Chaser Humidifier Pads


2. Pad treatment solution

Add solution every time you refill the watering tank

The pads work best when the water is treated with Dampp-Chaser pad treatment solution. It reduces mineral deposits on the pads, keeps the tubes clean, and extends the life of the system. Only use Dampp-Chaser brand pad solution since other brands will void your warranty and may damage the system.


Dampp-Chaser Pad Treatment Solution


3. Watering Can

Use the special watering can every time you refill the water tank

Universal Dampp-Chaser Watering Can

Here's where things get more complicated. The Dampp-Chaser tank-based humidifier system was introduced in 1972 and has been changed several times since. There are now two main categories of humidifier tanks: obsolete and current. 

Obsolete tanks are those produced before 2002. There are four different obsolete sizes and they all use a 5/16" watering tube. Use the universal watering can that includes an adapter and 60 ounce filling instructions.

Tanks produced after 2002 use the 1/2" diameter tube. These tanks hold up to 84 ounces, so refer to the 84 ounce instructions on the side of the watering can. 1/2" replacement tubes are available to adapt the Dampp-Chaser watering can to modern tanks. 

Replace watering can tube as necessary

Dampp-Chaser Replacement Tube for CURRENT TANKS

4. Liners

Replace as needed

Because the Life Saver System has changed over the years, there are now five sizes for Dampp-Chaser humidifier tanks. The older systems (those produced prior to 2002) are obsolete and the new tanks are universal. Refer to this labelling when purchasing replacement liners. 

Obsolete tanks can use either the black or clear liner, depending on the size of the tank. Most use the black liner, and the 8" or 9" tall tanks work with the clear liner. These tall tanks are termed "standard vertical tank" or the pre-2007 "old-style backside tank."  

Dampp-Chaser Clear Tank Liner

Post-2002 universal tanks all use the modern black liner. 

Dampp-Chaser Universal Black Tank Liner


5. Clean Sleeves

Replace when you change the tank liner

Use Dampp-Chaser Clean Sleeves to prevent corrosion on your humidifier heater bar. Hard water and time can damage the system without a protective sleeve.

Dampp-Chaser Clean Sleeves

And that's it!  

Maintain your climate control system and enjoy well-maintained piano.

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