How to measure your grand piano for a cover

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Measuring your grand piano may look like a daunting task. Grand pianos are stately, shapely instruments and the curves can be confusing. But you don’t need an advanced degree in geometry to figure out the best-fitting piano cover! There’s actually only one measurement you need. 


With correct measurements, finding the right size cover for your grand piano is surprisingly easy.

Since grand pianos are all about the same height and width, the only thing that needs to be measured is the length - that is, from the front of the keys to the back of the piano. 

The width of your piano is probably about 5 feet. In fact, almost all pianos -- grands, uprights, spinets, and other styles -- are approximately 5 feet wide. This is because 88 keys is equivalent to 48 inches and the only variation is the size of the cheek; that is, the wood portions on either side of the keys.

Standard grand piano covers do not extend down the legs, so you don’t have to measure the height of your piano. And because most pianos have the same height from floor to keys (about 28 inches) all floor-length piano covers are the same size. Either way, you do not have to take this measurement.

This leaves just one length to measure.

From underneath the piano, run your tape measure from the edge of the wood under the keys (called the keybed) all the way to the back of your piano. Always measure to the absolute furthest distance. This is called the tail. Don't worry about measuring the curve or the smaller side of the piano; these measurements are already taken into account by the piano cover manufacturers.


Try to be as accurate as you can when measuring your piano -- a too-large cover will look baggy and untidy, but a small cover simply won’t fit. 

We stock small piano covers to fit pianos 4’6” - 4’8” in length and larger covers for pianos 4’10”-5’2” long


Knowing your piano's make and model can save you a lot of time. Some pianos have pre-made covers just for these models. Yamaha C1 or G1 piano has a specialty 5’3” cover . We also carry covers for popular models like the Steinway M, Kawai GE1, and more.


What if your piano doesn't fit nicely into these measurements or it's an antique/unusual shape? No problem! Just make a template of your piano's measurements and send it to us. There is no extra cost for a custom cover.

Your aesthetic choices for piano covers are practically endless! We offer covers in brown or black and with four different textures. We even offer beautiful embroidery or lettering for your piano cover. Send us a message for special requests, custom logos, or graphics.

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