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There's a lot of things that sets In Tune Piano Supply apart -- like our PTG member piano repair technician with over 35 years' experience, our passion for helping people learn to care for their pianos, our small family business values, or our love of cats -- and we're grateful for our partnership with the best piano product manufacturers in the industry.

Although we're an independent business with no shareholders or investors, we've cultivated a rich relationship with some of the most recognizable, influential names in the piano industry today. 

Meet some of our top partners!


Shop Schaff Products at In Tune Piano Supply

We take pride in being the largest stocked piano supply house in the world. We are the only ALL-SERVICE company remaining in the piano industry today! Trust SCHAFF with all your duplication and replacement needs. We carry all the top brands available.

If you've ever looked into piano care or maintenance, surely you've come across this brand. Schaff supplies are only offered to professionals within the piano industry - that means you can only get ahold of their products through your local piano technician or well-qualified merchants (like us!). We're proud to partner with this world-renowned, yet local brand, and stock our shelves with authentic Schaff Piano products. 



Shop Cory Care Products at In Tune Piano Supply

The world's finest cleaners & polishes for pianos musical instruments auto and more.

We say this all the time, but only because we mean it -- caring for your piano's wood finish with the proper products is well worth the investment. Cory Care produces some of the highest quality, most piano-friendly cleaners on the market. We'd even go so far as to say they're the best. Want to learn how and why it works? Check out our handy-dandy guide to caring for wood finishes.


Shop Jansen Products at In Tune Piano Supply

The world’s most renown and well-known pianists and entertainers choose Paul L. Jansen & Son® piano benches. We are widely known as the music industry’s premier bench builder because of our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. We create quality products that stand the test of time.

Yes, we carry THAT Jansen's products. Their popular Artist's Bench is known as one of the best, highest quality, most luxurious, and most beautiful piano bench on the market. We're also proud to provide Jansen bench cushions, caster cups, moving supplies, and more -- all with that signature standard of quality.

House of Troy

Shop House of Troy Products at In Tune Piano Supply


House of Troy was founded in 1947 by Everett Bailey in Montreal, Canada. Mr. Bailey, operated a small custom lamp manufacturing company selling to gift and department stores in the Montreal area. His son, Norm, took over the business in 1960, and began specializing in picture lights. He moved the business to Troy, Vermont in 1962. Hence the name House of Troy. The hand-craftsmanship involved in building House of Troy picture lights has changed little over the past seventy years. Each light is hand rolled, soldered, buffed and assembled by our employees in Vermont. Each employee checks the quality to insure that only the finest lights are shipped to our valued customers throughout the world. Our products are designed in Vermont to assure lasting performance. While the majority of our products are manufactured in Vermont, we also source parts and products worldwide in order to provide our customers with the best possible value.

Picture this: You're a concert pianist. After decades of practice, you've finally made it to the performance hall of choice and you're going to play the sonata that'll define your career. A rapt audience awaits your unparalleled performance. You walk onstage to an explosion of enthusiastic applause and even a whistle or two. You bow, adjust the tails of your tuxedo or train of your ballgown, and take a seat on your exquisite Artist's Bench. You crack your knuckles and gingerly place your fingertips on the smooth, cold ivories. It's time. House lights come down and -- that's it. You're sitting there alone on a darkened stage with no way to read your sheet music. The audience gets up to leave and listen to a pianist who actually has their act together. You're crushed. What will become of your music career now??

And that, my friend, is why we carry House of Troy's handcrafted American-made music desk lamps.


Shop Dampp-Chaser Products at In Tune Piano Supply

Piano Life Saver is made by the employees at Dampp-Chaser Corporation, a third generation family-owned business that manufactures and supports products which provide humidity control for things that matter to you. From our headquarters and manufacturing facility in Hendersonville NC, Dampp-Chaser technology solves problems ranging from mildew in your closets to protecting priceless grand pianos in famous music venues worldwide. Direct frequent contact with consumers and technical professionals have earned us a reputation for unparalleled product quality and exceptional customer service.

We're big fans of the Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver System. We use it on our pianos and we've become pretty good at interpreting the lights, troubleshooting, and helping our fabulous customers use their products. We even wrote an unofficial guidebook! Although we don't have the system itself in our shop -- you can only get that from your local authorized piano technician -- we do carry all the accessories, products, and guides you could ever need. Our resident expert is one of Dampp-Chaser's certified installers and vendors, so if you have any questions, we've got answers.


We're proud to work with these top companies and more! If you have any questions about our products, our partners, or how to care for your piano, we'd love to help. Contact us at or visit us on social media. 

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