12 Customer Reviews that Warmed Our Hearts

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We love our customers almost as much as pianos! Almost.

And if your feedback is any indication, you love us back. 

As a small family business (seriously, there's just 3 of us running this show) your support means everything. You're what keeps us providing the best quality piano supplies to anyone and everyone who loves pianos.

Whether you found us here on our main site, social media, or one of our other distribution channels, you are appreciated!

So this Valentine's Day, we figured we'd show our gratitude for all the love you've shown us by sharing some of the best feedback we've earned in the past year. 


Perfect Fit! After searching for what seemed like years for a music desk, I am so glad I found In Tune. The piece fit exactly as expected. It is also satisfying to give business to piano enthusiasts. Shopping with In Tune is a perfect fit. 

See this? This is why we do what we do. Steven needed something super-specific, and we knew exactly how to get him what he needed. And YES! We ARE piano enthusiasts, just like you. 


I love the product! And, Gary, was excellent and timely in communicating with me. I am extremely happy. 

Gary is our resident piano wiz. He is a PTG member, has 35+ years' experience as a piano repair technician, can play almost any musical instrument, has taught musical instrument repair classes for over a decade, and absolutely loves to talk shop. Got a question about any of our products? Gary would be more than happy to answer any questions. Just email us at sales@intunepianosupply.com or reach out on social media.  


Every single thing about this order was delightful. The ordering process, the ability to customize, customer support and rapid delivery were all top notch. Thank you for such a perfect addition to our piano bench.

Perfect! That's exactly how all online shopping transactions should be! We're delighted you're delighted.


"My custom cushion is amazing! It’s beautiful and perfect! The quality is fantastic! We had a hiccup with the order, but they made it right VERY quickly! I highly recommend this shop! Thank you so much for a beautiful cushion!!!"

You read that right - custom orders are welcome here at ITPS! And yes, okay, sometimes we have miscommunications. We're only human after all! But making sure you get exactly what you need is our priority. Whether that means custom ordering, special requests, or questions about how to use items, we're happy to help.


While the item shipping/manufacture has taken nearly a month longer than anticipated, the seller was responsive to me tracking the order with the manufacturer. When I received it, I was very pleased with the quality. COVID-19 has played havoc with our whole manufacture/distribution system! Thanks again.

Anonymous is right, the whole manufacturing and distribution system is in a complete upset right now. Some products do take several weeks to ship. We're doing everything we can to move fast, but just like everyone else, we're at the mercy of the supply chain. If that's the case, we'll be completely transparent about delays. Thankfully, we only source from the best distributors in the business, so rest assured that all our products are well worth the wait. 


El artículo llegó a tiempo. Estoy encantado, excelente compra. Me gusta esa tienda!

We're thrilled this anonymous international buyer was so satisfied, they were encantado! We are located near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but are happy to ship items just about anywhere in the world. 


I recently ordered this piano tuning kit and have nothing bad to say about it. It came on time with everything listed, the directions that came with it were clear and concise, and the tuning lever itself was solid and long enough to have decent control when turning the pins. Saved me from having to hire someone to come tune my piano for me

Huge props to Robert for tuning his own piano! It's a totally doable process, and we're excited to see people feeling confident in caring for their own instruments. That's why we provide not only the necessary tools, but simple guides, how-tos, and even a whole book about piano maintenance for beginners.


I never post feedback but I'm making an exception, because people need to know it WORKS. I have a 25 year old baby grand with a shiny ebony finish. A new cleaner used a wax based product to polish it and in just a few months it looked horribly cloudy and the build up could NOT be removed. On a whim I ordered this cleaner and could not believe it! It took off all of the build up! It looks new!

Now here's someone who really gets Cory products. Anonymous here is not the only one who loves this stuff. Connie and Dale adore it, too!

ConnieIts true what's said of this product! It's the Best!! on any kind of wood. I bought it to cover scratches on a Black Piano, Did great. Meanwhile, I bought an oak antique table that had black stains and it restored it to look new!! 

DalePuts a very high shine on our piano, just like when it was new. We were skeptical, but this really works . It brings out the lustre and truly beautifies the piano. This does not remove imperfections in the finish, it is a polish only. Imperfections and slight scratches are the bane of many black piano finishes. For what it is intended to do, it is still a five star product. 


legit SCHAFF PRODUCT. i know caused i call'd Schaff an they are not counterfiet. the felt you get from some suppliers may be thicker. 

Thanks for pointing that out, G. Yes, our suppliers are the best in the business and we've cultivated close professional relationships with the top piano supply brands. We have no interest in working with inferior products or selling bargain-basement items that could damage your piano. We only sell the best because if it's not something we'd use on our own pianos at home, we won't carry it. Simple as that!


What can I say, it's a string lifter

You're absolutely right, Dagwood. We sell some pretty straightforward stuff. Sometimes there's just not a lot to be said about piano repair products -- they're meant to do a specific job, and that's all. Clearly, our string lifter met your expectations and you encountered no surprises about your order. Sounds like a glowing endorsement to us!  


5 Stars for the seller who had a matching pair of wooden knobs for my 100+ year old piano! They were in perfect condition, and matched my upright grand perfectly. My restoration of this old beauty is now nearly complete. Thanks so much In Tune Piano Supply!  

We're so glad to hear your piano restoration is almost finished, Brent! We're honored to have helped with what we can only assume is a huge project. This is exactly why we have such a gigantic inventory -- we know that every piano is different and every piano enthusiast has different needs.

And finally... 


Thank you.


You too, man. You too.


Want to learn more about what makes us so lovable? Here's our backstory.

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