What's so great about ITPS?

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We hear you. You have choices when shopping for piano supplies, so why should you choose ITPS? You know we love pianos and we're actually musical, but what else? 

We're piano experts.

Meet Gary, our expert piano tuner and repair technician. We don't hesitate to call him an expert because not only is he a practicing tech, he also teaches instrument repair at a graduate level. He is an MME, member of PTG, NAPBIRT and AMERA, and certified Dampp-Chaser tech. They don't just hand these acronyms out like candy, either. He has earned his stripes and really knows how pianos work.

Gary's been in the business since the mid-80's and is more than happy to share his knowledge and love of music with anyone who asks. If you have questions about caring for your piano, don't hesitate to reach out.

ITPS is a family business.

Like shopping small? In Tune Piano Supply is owned and operated by a husband and wife team in Wisconsin, and their daughter is their web person. That's it, that's the whole business. There are no employees or interns here at ITPS. From inventory to sales to customer service to catty Tweets, it's all in the family.

We only do piano supplies.

Unlike other suppliers, In Tune Piano Supply is not part of an enterprise. We are a standalone small business that works exclusively with piano parts, tools, supplies, and accessories, so we know our business inside and out. 

And only the best of the best.

We don't sell cheap junk. Period. Everything in our store comes from well-respected vendors, companies, and piano brands. We recognize quality and only sell what we would use on our own pianos. 

We sell to all piano lovers.

Some supply companies are geared toward piano technicians and professionals. We do provide materials used by professionals and encourage pros to hang out here, but we offer supplies to everyone. No matter what kind of piano enthusiast you are, we've got you covered.

That means NO minimums. 

Whether you need a 150-pound piano truck, a full technician's toolkit, or a single spring, we are happy to send you whatever you need. Don't see your item in our inventory? Want a custom order? Just ask!

We've been doing this for awhile and we love it! 

Gary's been a tech for 30-some years and In Tune Piano Supply has been in business for nearly two decades. We're an online-only store delivering quality piano supplies and encouraging musicians around the world. Honestly, we can't imagine doing anything else. 

We're human. 

Aside from pianos, we like cats, puns, and chocolate. Feel free to tag us in piano memes or ask us questions! We're always happy to connect with our guests and fellow piano/cat/pun/chocolate enthusiasts. 

When you send an email to sales@intunepianosupply.com or click that contact button, you'll be connected to one of two people: the business manager or the piano expert. @ us on social media and you'll reach the communications person. 

Got a question? Want to learn more about ITPS? Let us know in the comments down below.

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